What is QDIO?

QDIO is a vision for a music technology company.

Imagine music: the real thing. Straight from the instrument to your ears.

Everything in between is taken care of. And it doesn’t matter if you’re listening to it live, or a hundred years later. What if we could have all the recording, computation, and speakers as a single system?

This is a dream that can only be achieved step-by-step. And I hope to see that dream come true.

The first step is QDIO Effects Creator.

QDIO Effects Creator is platform, where anyone can create new sound. It has begun as a guitar effects simulator, where you can configure every effect exactly the way you like it. You don’t like how the sound of that distortion? Switch it out with another one – you’ve got an online library accessible to you through a search bar. And maybe publish your copy of the effect once you’ve made the changes!

… Because every effect on the platform, made up of building blocks, is fully editable from bottom to top. Open any effect up to see how it works – and change whatever you like.

This will ideally create a new dimension of access to sound. You’ll be able to wire up new effects into new ideas, into new sound. Maybe have your crunch guitar listen to what string you’re playing, let that determine how much it drives your sound. Maybe copy the voices on one instrument into harmonies set by another. Maybe you just want to hit a string and let the laptop play John Mayer for you while you cry because you really ain’t that good.

The guitar effects are a base for something that can eventually evolve into something much greater. Once we’ve got some thousands of effects, we can start playing with the big toys. The ones you hear as buzzwords too often:

Machine Learning.

Big Data.


Instead of guitar, think anything: A saxophone – your voice – a whole band. And instead of effects, think anything: More instruments – a backup choir – or an automatic DJ. Basically, make the input what you want. And make the output what you want. We can turn the infinite complexity of digital effects, containing as much internal feedback as we like, into a single Neural Net, which will do everything for you in real-time and create whatever output sound you can dream of. More than you can dream of.

But for now, the project is taking baby steps. It’s still in its infancy and it’s gonna be some time we can start throwing in pepper into the soup.

Yeah, I just said that, and you better believe it. Anyways, the project is open-source on github, so if you know your way around the coding of the binary, send me a message to say hi or just get in there and fix the bugs. Just be sure to check it out:


Anyways, thanks for your time. Stay tuned for some big adventures. And until next time.

All the best,

Maxime Franchot

Open-Source Release

Hi. Welcome to the QDIO Development site.

QDIO Effects Creator is a guitar-effects simulator, editing and creation platform, allowing guitarists to have an unprecedented creative access to sound.

I have been developing the app since the start of 2020. However, because I do not have much programming experience, development has been slow and difficult. For the app to develop a more powerful engine and a stronger technical foundation, I have released it to open-source for all to see and contribute.

The project be found at github.com/Franchovy/QDIO.

I hope you find the project worth taking a look at. Any feedback, questions, queries, reach out to me at maxrofra@gmail.com.

I wish you all a life full of music, and happy development.

Best of luck,

Maxime Franchot
Lead Developer at QDIO